Jeff Clark



He said, " Take this gun, " by the loghouse hearth, Babydoll
looped and blown on the loghouse loveseat, her simper part
pixie, part slut, her breasts in situ, that is to say bare and
beaded with tiny brine gauds.
                            She would be screwed now to that sofa by
him, who would afterward play something lento and
maudlin on the loghouse upright.
                            " Stroke teeth " in the loghouse.

Make the ash box talk.

He said to me, " Take this gun and go to bed now. "
                                                                                    And said,
" In the morning, when you wake and hear those shingle-
pecks and beeps, go out onto the deck and blow them down.
Ten dollars for each dust-to-dust and oil-to-oil woodpecker. "