Rod Smith

The Boy Poems

Rod Smith is the author of In Memory of My Theories (O Books), The Boy Poems (BDB), Protective Immediacy (Roof), &, with Lisa Jarnot and Bill Luoma, New Mannerist Tricycle (Beautiful Swimmer). The Good House, a long poem, was recently published by Spectacular Books. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies including Anthology of New American Poets, The Baffler, The Germ, The Gertrude Stein Awards, Java, New American Writing, Open City, Shenandoah, and The Washington Review. He edits Aerial magazine, publishes Edge Books, & manages Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC.

These poems have previously appeared in The Boy Poems (Buck Downs Books,
1994) and Protective Immediacy (Roof Books, 1999).

© Rod Smith, 1994, 1999, 2002.