Isabelle Garron

from "Overseas," the opening section
of Face before against

Translated by Sarah Riggs




                                    To see           adjoined


                                                               four matches
                                                               . a sure gesture
                                                               – a solitary cure –
                                                               fell into place in an emptiness

                                                               . and the plenary conspiracy
                                                               – until confusion is reached –




                                    Voice             stinging / so

                                                               . voice squirting
                                                               like fruit
                                                               between the fingers

                                                               . today




                                                               voice and law / also

                                                               . who marry
                                                               – ordinarily
                                                               with flames extinguished –

                                                               the heat
                                                               and the growth




                                                               Voice poisonous / rushed

                                                               . one day of per
                                                               person and less
                                                               than five articles

                                                               – all
                                                               in all

                                  voice. wax serum
                                  powder lance pass
                                  / and body tensor


                                                               / and tension fire

                                                               . you who stoke it
                                                               sowing the rushes

                                                               just as well
                                                               . snatch my lot




                                                               (repeat) my lot
                                                               as well which strikes you
                                                               in turn with wishes
                                                               . crossed out false

                                                               – on a dance
                                                               card mottled
                                                               the other Sunday

                                                               – me so little / lodged
                                                               in your heels
                                                               . some photograph!




                                                               lodging basketwork
                                                               from / the country

                                                               . decidedly
                                                               I will have seen it all
                                                               in disorder

                                                               to the perse eyes
                                                               of the gypsies
                                                               – and without the shading




                                                               and so since!
                                                               . in this calm
                                                               shared / to repeat

                                                               also. how in the evening
                                                               the steam from soup
                                                               blurs / the night

                                                               while. under my finger
                                                               an announcement. on
                                                               the glass / moans




                                                               … . in the absence of the ancestor
                                                               welcome from the mother

                                                               . from mothers

                                                               of work accomplished
                                                               under the scents

                                                               – paradigms




                                                               “Push push
                                                               retain the mask”
                                                               says the voice

                                                               thinking millstones. touches.
                                                               fevers rose-beacon
                                                               unique stroke




                                                               and you
                                                               - better than a country

                                                               . you Muscat Trellis
                                                               : dwelling and sign
                                                               from which perhaps starts

                                                               the sensitive spot
                                                               . my genuflections
                                                               that’s to say




                                                               . … for the brine
                                                               survey the time
                                                               of the first bath

                                                               rinse the basin
                                                               with plenty of water
                                                               . don’t forget

                                                               the sweet almond
                                                               oil against
                                                               . the cracks